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Top Athens Attractions Tickets

Book your Athens attraction tickets to visit some of the most iconic highlights of the city such as the Acropolis Museum. You can witness over 4,000 artifacts from the Greek Bronze Age to Byzantine Greece that have been preserved here. Enjoy access to the famous Athens Acropolis tickets that can give you entry into one of the most well-known citadels in the world known for preserving several thousands of years of history in its various attractions like the Parthenon, the temple of Athena Nike, and much more. You can also use the Athens city pass to spend a fun day with family with the Museum of Illusion tickets that hosts several fun and exciting interactive exhibits.

Day Tours In Athens

Get your Athens city pass to enjoy some of the most well designed day tours in and around the city that can suit your preferences. Soak in the impressive monuments and fascinating myths of classical Greece by embarking on a day-long tour of Delphi from Athens. You can also opt to hop on a train and sip through the quaint countryside on a full day tour from Athens to the Meteora monasteries.Enhance your experience of the Greek capital city by setting off on a mythological tour alongside a professional guide. The tour takes you through major city landmarks like the Acropolis and the Olympian Zeus Temple. Enjoy a luxury catamaran cruise from Athens with Traditional Greek Meal and BBQ as you soak in the sights of the city from the sea with your Athens Pass.

Why To Visit Athens?

Book your Athens Pass and take a tour of the largest city of Greece that boasts over 7000 years of history. One of the oldest cities on the planet, the Greek capital is the perfect place to visit if you wish to see a seamless blend of historic and modern times. Witness first hand the very place that boasts the evolution of the concept of democracy as well as great progress in the fields of arts, sciences, and much more. Get your Athens city pass to explore the Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular historical places in the whole world. Step back in time as you discover some of the most renowned structures here that showcase intricate and classic ancient Greek style of architecture and relay interesting tales of the city’s glorious bygone era. Use your Athens attraction tickets and visit the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora, and other such fascinating sites that are oozing with culture and vibrancy for you to explore.Visit the Syntagma Square which is the main center in Athens and is surrounded by charming neighborhoods like Monastiraki, Plaka, Thissio and Kolonaki. Enjoy visiting the fun cafes, neoclassical buildings, trendy shops, and tranquil streets that the Greek city has to offer.

Essential Information

How To Reach Athens:

  • By Air: Athens has its own airport which makes it very easy to reach here by air. It is connected with several major cities in the world and operates many of the popular international and domestic airlines. The Athens International Airport is located in the suburb of Spáta, which is approximately 27 km from the main city center.
  • By Road: If you are traveling from any other part of Greece, you can easily reach Athens by road. You can go for one of the several long distance buses that are available from most parts of the country to the terminals at Kifissou Street or Liossion Street in Athens. You can also go for a taxi service of a private vehicle to make a road trip to Athens which is faster, albeit more expensive.
  • By Rail: You can reach Athens from other parts of Greece by train service provided by the national railway service. You have to disembark at the Athens Railway Station which is located within the Larissa Metro Station.
  • By Cruise: Ferries and cruises from various parts of Greece as well as some international locations, especially parts of Italy, enter the Port of Piraeus in Athens. You can reach Athens by taking a ferry and enjoy a memorable yet cheap option.

Best Time to Visit Athens: The best time of the year to visit Athens is between the months of March and May as well as from September through November. These are the spring and fall months here when the weather is quite cool and pleasant. It is extremely conducive for enjoying all the sightseeing activities and spending long hours out in the sun. This is also when you will encounter the least amount of crowds in the city as the maximum advent of tourists here is during the summer season. Hence you will enjoy cheaper air fares and hotel rates during this time.

Plan Your Visit to Athens

Know Before You Go
Travel Tips to Visit Athens

Weather: Weather in Athens is quite hot throughout the summer months especially during June, July, and August with daily highs of at least 30 degrees Celsius. The driest and hottest weather is experienced in August with an average of just 3mm rainfall.

Spring and autumn have pleasant temperatures averaging around 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall goes up in the month of November and the temperatures begin to dip in December. In January, the average daily highs range around 13 degrees Celsius.

Language: Greek and English are the official languages of Greece

Time Zone: Time zone in Greece (GMT+3)

Budget: You can expect to spend an average of 138 EUR per day in Greece which includes accommodation, food, and transportation.

Currency: Euro

Visa: You can enter Greece with a Schengen visa for stays up to 90 days for tourist purposes.

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  • Carry adequate cash on you as most of the small kiosks, mini-markets, grocery stores, and vintage market places do not accept cards
  • Opt for the metro to go around for cheap and convenient travel
  • If you wish to hail a taxi, the best method is to use a mobile app
  • Ensure your taxi meter starts at zero as soon as you enter it
  • When walking at crossroads, be extremely vigilant as most drivers in Greece do not respect crosswalks
  • Tipping at restaurants is not mandatory in Greece, so you choose to hold back on tipping if you wish

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Getting Around in Athens

  • By Taxi: The city has a comprehensive network of taxi services that make getting around here very easy and convenient. You can pre-book them by your hotel or tour operator, use the popular taxi mobile app services here, or simply hail them on the streets.
  • By Metro: This is a quick, efficient, and cheap way of getting around in Athens with the thriving Attiko Metro service that runs across its urban sectors and main areas. There are the red, green, and blue lines with the green line running above the ground.
  • By Bus: Take the color coded local bus service to get around the city as they cover every district and suburb of Athens. You will find a bus stop at every major junction and can venture into the more crowded interiors of the city on smaller buses.
  • By Train: If you wish to travel to the outskirts or suburbs of the city, this is a much preferred way. A great feature of the train lines are that they intersect with the metro lines at several points.
  • By Tram: There are 3 lines that take you to and from Palaio Faliro, Syntagma, Glyfada and Neo Faliro. These run along the coastline and although has a limited route, they are economical and eco friendly
  • By Car: Many visitors like to hire their own car to go around Athens, however it is not recommended. There are numerous car rental services available but you need to get used to the local traffic and driving conditions first.
  • On foot: Athens is a great city to see walking with some of the best kept pedestrian-only zones particularly around the Archaeology hub and districts like Pláka and Kolonaki

Best Areas to Stay in Athens

  • Plaka: One of the oldest areas in Athens, this is a charming place to stay with its cobblestoned roads, quaint shops, and local cafes. 
  • Monastiraki: This is a great area for staying with several local places to shop, dine, and enjoy a great nightlife scene
  • Koukaki: One of Athens’ most hip neighborhoods, this is just a short hike from the Acropolis and a great place to sta
  • Syntagma: Located around the Syntagma Square, there are plenty of sightseeing places nearby including the National Historical Museum
  • Kolonaki: Located atop the tallest of Athens’ seven hills, this is a great neighborhood to stay especially with its museums, galleries, and luxury shopping destinations.

FAQs for Athens Pass

How many days is enough to see Athens?

You must keep aside at least 3 days in Athens to enjoy all its attractions and activities. You can explore all the monuments, historical places, highlights and nearby places during this time.

What is the best time to visit Athens?

The best time to visit Athens is between the months of March and May and again from September through November. These are the spring and fall months here and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities here. You will also come across the least amount of crowds during this time.

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What can I do in Athens on a budget?

There are several interesting things to do in Athens on a budget such as visiting the famous Acropolis, go on a free walking tour, go to the Museum of Cycladic art, eat a local breakfast, and visit the National Archaeological Museum.

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Why should I book Athens attraction tickets online?

Book your Athens Pass online to enjoy some of the maximum benefits and conveniences. You can not only book from the comforts of your home or office and avoid long queues at the venue but also enjoy exciting deals and discounts.

Are there any discounts offered on any of the day trips in Athens?

By booking your Athens sightseeing pass online, you can avail some discounts that are offered on the ticket prices. You may however, miss out on these if you were to book your trips in person at the venues.

Is Athens expensive?

Athens is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world according to a survey by the Worldwide Cost of Living. However, there are several interesting things that you can still do here on a budget to make your trip a memorable one.


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