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Exploring the richness of the ancient history of Greeks through Athens is what people seek in visiting the city. You can witness the power of ancient Athenians, and the beauty of the Green Gods through the existing ruins and structures amidst the modernism of present-day Europe. There are many Things To Do In Athens, such as starting your historical expedition by visiting the archaeological sites of the Acropolis, Parthenon, Erechtheion, Temple of Hephaestus, and loads of such locations during the day. There are plenty of museums for you to channel your inner historian by looking at the prehistoric artifacts of the National Archaeological Museum, Acropolis Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art, and Benaki Museum. After enjoying all the places in the daytime, as these places before night, you can relax by National Gardens by the side of Greek Flora and Fauna. Lying beyond the concrete jungle, you can hike up to the Mount Lycabettus of Athens presenting you the captivating views of the magnificent city and its popular structure Acropolis. Besides the historic fun and enjoyment of the natural beauty of the city, you can try an indoor activity of mind-bending brain training at the Museum of Illusion in Athens. When you feel that you need to end your day with some music and drinks, you can experience the nightlife of Athens by visiting the oldest distillery in the town.

Acropolis Museum.jpg
Visit The Acropolis Museum

Exploring the history of Ancient Greece through the Acropolis Museum makes it to the list of top Things To Do In Athens. On the archaeological site acropolis, the Swiss architect designed the acropolis museum which features thousands of artifacts found on this site. The Greek museum has glass floor which showcases the foundation with the continuous views of iconic Parthenon.

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Go to the Temple Of Poseidon

If you wonder about What To Do In Athens, you should explore the Temple of Poseidon and the glorious Greek sunset. Dedicated to Poseidon- The Greek God of the Ocean, the temple of Poseidon is located on Cape Sounio. Situated 60 meters above sea level, this temple is a series of columns that were built by the ancient residents of Athens to guide sailors in the right direction.

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Hike Lycabettus Hill.jpg
Hike Lycabettus Hill

If you feel to go on a Greek adventure, you can indulge in hiking at Mount Lycabettus. Located Northeast of the city center, Mount Lycabettus rises to 300 meters above sea level. You can enjoy the rocky hike to the limestone peak with the lower slopes covered in overgrowth of pine trees. Upon reaching the summit, the mesmerizing look of Athens and its popular attractions like Acropolis, Parnitha, Olympian Zeus, etc are there to please you! You can enjoy Greek gourmet in the cafe located on the peak and the open-air theater.

The National Gardens.jpg
Relax at The National Gardens

Amidst the bustling city of Athens, the National Gardens are there to bless you with the fresh air of Greek Flora. Commissioned by the First Queen of Greece Amalia in 1838, this park covers 16 hectares of greenery with narrow pathways. You can travel through the palm trees witnessing the turtles and ducks moving merrily in the ponds of the garden. Apart from being a garden, this place encompasses a small zoo for you to witness peacocks, wolves, monkeys, and many more exciting animals.

The Museum Of Cycladic Art.jpg
Explore the Museum Of Cycladic Art

The prehistoric art from the Cycladic Islands of the Aegean had made it straight to the heart of Athens in the Museum of Cycladic Art. The museum is open since 1986 for you to witness 3000-year-old Cycladic, Greek, and Cypriot Art from the 4th century BC! If you think about the most delightful Things To Do In Athens, you can say hello to the Cycladic Marble figurines of the museum.

Visit Parthenon

Parthenon is a significant building that traveled through the time to the 21st century staying erected on the rocky Greek land. The greatest achievement of the Doric Order, the Parthenon was built in 447 BC when Athenian Empire was on fire in Aegean. This place was originally dedicated to Goddess Athena, only to be later transformed into a church in the 6th century and a mosque during the 15th century.

Go to Areopagus

If you want to enjoy strenuous Activities in Athens, you can hike up to the Mount Areopagus summit. Located on the northwest of Acropolis, you hike up through the rocky marble trail covered with pine and cypress overgrowth. You can witness the captivating views of Port of Piraeus, and the Acropolis from the top.

Erechtheion athens.jpeg
Explore Erechtheion

You can visit the well-structured temple of Erechtheion on the Northern side of the Acropolis. Dedicated to the Greek Gods Poseidon and Athena, this temple was built around 421 BC. This Ancient Greek temple transversed through time to become a Byzantium Church, Frankish Palace, and Ottoman Harem.

National Archaeological Museum
Walk through National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Greece showcases the intelligence of Athenian scholars for generations. One of the richest presentations of Greek art dating back to the 4th century, the museum contains 1900 Arti facts from Antikythera era. The museum is popular for the world’s most ancient Analog computer, contemplative Philosopher’s Head, the mask of Agamemnon, and golden funerary mask.

Temple Of Hephaestus.jpg
Go to the Temple Of Hephaestus

Located in the Northwest of Agora of Athens, the Temple of Hephaestus is 65-meter above Agoraois Kolonos Hill. Dedicated to the Greek god of Hephaestus- the god of metalworking, and sculpture, this temple is preservation of Doric art for you to witness the six columns on the west side and 13 across the north and south. You can enjoy looking at sculpted items like the Labour of Hercules and Theseus with Pallantides on the tour of the most historical Things To Do In Athens.

Temple Of Athena Nike.jpg
Visit Temple Of Athena Nike

You can visit the iconic Temple of Athena Nike which dates back to long lost times of 420 BC. The incredible temple features narrow columns to the front and rear porticos that hallmark the Greek scrolls for you to witness. The main highlight of the temple to check out is the sublime wet drapery sculpture of Goddess Athena fixing her sandals.

Athens Walking Tours.jpg
Athens Walking Tours

You can enjoy exploring Athens with your foot by the Athens walking tours. The monuments like Acropolis, Parthenon, and many other impressive attractions of the city are explored with the walking tour. A guide assists you throughout your walking adventure. Besides the visit to monuments, and attractions, you can dine in the most popular eateries.

Benaki Museum.jpg
Explore Benaki Museum

You can visit Benaki Museum to witness three floors of fine Greek art from prehistoric times. You can witness the Neolithic vases, classical figurines, and Arabic vases on the ground level. The first floor presents you with artifacts from the Byzantine period and Ottoman Empire. The top third-floor features war items that date back to the Greek independence war against the Ottomans. If you wonder if you have enjoyed indulging in historical Activities In Athens, you can visit the cafeteria to eat a scrumptious meal.

Museum Of Illusion in Athens.jpg
Have fun at the Museum Of Illusion in Athens

You can enjoy witnessing optical illusion at the Museum of Illusion Athens. The mind-bending museum teaches you scientific concepts like laws of gravitation, motion, and perception, reflection through its 15 unique exhibits. The exciting zones include Plato's intense gaze, infinity well, infinity tunnel, chair illusion, anti-gravity room, vortex room, rotating room, and many more.

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Hop On Hop Off Athens

You can choose the Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) Bus tour to explore the attractions of Athens. The bus trip ranges from a single day trip to 48-hour or 3-day tour to let you explore Athens iconic sights like Plaka, Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Zeus, National Gardens, Four Museums, National Gallery.

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    You can visit Athens during the spring season in late May or early June. This time is the best because the weather is pleasant and comfortable with no rainfall. Moreover, it is the low season that witnesses fewer crowds.

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