Walking Tour In Athens

Walking Tour In Athens

By opting for a walking tour in Athens, wallow in thousands of years of history in one of the oldest cities on the planet. Enjoy the distinct vibes that the city exudes where the concept of democracy first took shape. Discover the very place that boasts a rich evolution of the arts, sciences, and western civilization and today is also known for its exuberant nightlife and shopping scene. Explore the capital city of Greece to witness a smooth blend of historic and modern worlds by picking from one of the several walking tours. Visit this Acropolis, which is now on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and also among the city’s most iconic landmarks. Discover the Parthenon and Temple of Athena Nike in new light with a late afternoon tour, indulge in a spread of delectable Greek specialties on a gourmet tour, or witness the Change of Guards at the iconic Acropolis. You can also opt for several other exciting tours designed to suit your preferences such as a night tour along the city’s oldest neighborhood with dinner in an authentic Greek tavern or wonder at the mesmerizing street art along some of the city’s most hip neighborhoods.

Athens Walking Tour Package Options

Acropolis of Athens Afternoon Walking Tour

Discover the landmark structures of the city in a new light by opting for this late afternoon walking tour in Athens. Guided by a licensed archaeologist, this tour takes you through the famous Parthenon and Temple of Athena Nike and is an ideal choice for enthusiasts of Classical history.

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Gourmet Food Walking Tour in Athens

Explore the variety of Greek delicacies on this 4 hour gourmet tasting tour where you get to sample an array of local delights. Delve deep into the city’s culinary history as you visit the Varvakios Agora with an expert guide. Enjoy the taste of the local produce, wine and organic olive oil as you go through various specialty food stores.

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The Acropolis, Athens Walking City Tour and Acropolis Museum

One of the most special tours that this historical city has to offer, the iconic Acropolis gives you a peek into the rich cultural past of Greece. Take a walk through the famous Acropolis Museum with an experienced guide and witness some of the other highlights of the city such as the Change of Guards ceremony.

Athens at Night Small-Group Walking Tour with Dinner

Embark on this 4-hour walking tour in Athens that takes you on a night excursion across the Greek capital with a skillful guide. Enjoy a scrumptious dinner in a Greek tavern along with some mesmerizing views of the illuminated Parthenon and Acropolis. Walk down the oldest neighborhood in Athens, Anafiotika and see the ancient Roman Forum and Stoa of Attalos in a new perspective.

Athens Street Art Walk

Delight in the spectacular street art scene of the city with this 3-hour walking tour in Athens. Make the experience even more meaningful and exciting by having a local street artist as your guide who will give you rich insights into the artwork and murals that you see.

Athens Off the Beaten Track Private City Walking Tour

Discover an aspect of Athens that is unique and away from the most popular and crowded tourist locations. Learn about the local way of life with a private guide and visit some quaint bookstores, quirky cafes, or stop by for a 'koulouri’ snack at an authentic bakery.

Why to Go for a Athens Walking Tours

  • Witness the greatest monument of Ancient Greece, the iconic Acropolis with an experienced local guide.
  • Discover some of the city’s quaint cafes, independent bookstores, art galleries, and public spaces that reveal much about the culture here.
  • Marvel at the exquisite Parthenon and the Greek and Roman Forums illuminated in the night and follow it with a delectable local meal.
  • Take an off the beaten path walking tour in Athens and learn about daily life here with a private guide.
  • Explore some of the most culturally rich neighborhoods that boast exquisite street art and murals.

Famous Places to Explore on Athens Walking Tour

Museum Of Illusion Athens

Delight in the world of illusions that charms guests of all ages with its deceiving imagery and tricks. It is also considered one of the most innovative and interactive spaces in the city with almost 60 optical illusions in its various rooms- the infinity room, inverted room, holograms, chair illusions, and much more.


Take a tour down the pages of history as you stroll through this former temple in the Acropolis that was dedicated to the goddess Athena during the fifth century BC. Explore these majestic ruins that have become a symbol of glory in the country’s history with its iconic white marble columns that are visible from afar.

Ancient Acropolis

Considered the most famous site in Athens, the Ancient Acropolis reveals the aura and splendor of Greece in the olden days. The massive and imposing hill that sits in the heart of the city acts as a citadel and boasts iconic structures like the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike.

Acropolis Museum

Yet another of the main attractions of Athens, the Acropolis Museum is home to some of the most valuable collections of ancient Greek art in the world. The sprawling facility spans an area of almost 25,000 square meters and houses important ancient Greek statues.

National Archaeology Museum

The National Archaeology Museum in Athens is the largest of its kind in Greece and also one of the greatest museums of antiquities in the world. Housed in a splendid Neoclassical building, the museum boasts a range of collections from the Prehistoric objects and Sculptures, to Vase and Decorative Objects, and the Stathatos, and Metallurgy.

Byzantine Museum

Enjoy this opportunity to peer into the Byzantine period of Greek history at one of the most interesting museums in Athens. Explore this spectacular museum housed in a 19th-century palace and enjoy witnessing a magnificent exhibit of precious Byzantine art. The collection comprises almost 25,000 artifacts including icons, sculptures, paintings, textiles, and mosaics.


Do I need to book Athens Walking Tours in advance?

Yes, it is advisable to book your walking tours in Athens in advance as this can get you a lot of benefits. You can not only enjoy skipping the line entry into the various attractions and thus save on long waiting time but also avail of some great deals and discounts.

What is the best time to explore Athens?

The best time of the year to explore Athens is during the months from April to June as well as in October. This is when the weather is quite pleasant and the crowds are much less, making it ideal to enjoy the outdoor sightseeing activities.

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What is the best way to explore Athens?

The best way to explore Athens is on foot as you can explore all the historic centers in the city at your own leisure. Opt for one of the various walking tours in Athens that promise a unique experience of the city, its history, and splendor.

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Is the Athens walking tour worthwhile

Yes, the walking tours in Athens are definitely worth your while as this is a highly walkable city and offers umpteen avenues for exploration. From its art scene, to history, culture, and food outlets, there is much to see and explore. This can be best done if you are on foot along the pedestrianized grand promenade which is extremely easy to navigate.

Is Athens expensive for tourists?

Athens has been ranked among the averagely priced cities in the world, and one of the most budget-friendly ones in Europe. If you are looking at a seven days tour of the city, you can expect to spend roughly $1,500 for a single person.


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