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With the Museum of Illusion Athens tickets, you get to experience surreal entertainment with mind-bending art. The interesting museum goes much beyond its illusion to educate you in a fun way. Suitable for all children, teens, and adults, this place has multiple exhibits for you to explore. Through the Museum of Athens Tickets, you can access exhibitions like Plato's intense gaze, infinity well, infinity room, chair illusion, anti-gravity room, ames room, vortex room, nose swap, rotated room, and many more. The museum showcases an entire collection of holograms that presents you with strangely beautiful optical illusions. You can enjoy your exciting day by defying the laws of gravity in the reverse room. The amazing tricks of the museum are all about vision, and its perception by the human brain that gives you a reality check with the art that you can capture to take home. The infinity room is there for your imagination to take cool shapes, followed by meeting a minimized version of yourself in the Ames room. The rotated room would bash your brain by rotating you 360 degrees. Each exhibit lets you witness the brilliance of illusions by capturing you in an unimaginably impossible photograph! The playroom gives you all the access to educational cum knowledgeable puzzles and games.

Book Museum of Illusion Athens Tickets Online

Booking Museum of Illusion Athens Tickets online is a great way to book your family-packed adventure in Greece. Owing to the popularity of the Museum of Illusion, tickets frequently get sold out of the venue. To avoid this situation and ensure your fun, you must book the tickets online in advance. The online booking system lets you choose the date and time of your arrival in this mind-bending optical illusion masterpiece. Besides the ease of choosing your date, you come across loads of deals and discounts to avail. Hence, you can save some money to make your Greek adventure interesting and cost-effective.

Booking Museum of Illusion tickets in advance lets you escape the tiring task of standing in long queues for hours. You save your time, and energy from being wasted at the ticket counters by booking the tickets months before your arrival. The booking system lets you avoid any last-minute hassle at the entrance and gives you a direct entry.

If you choose to book Museum of Illusion Athens Tickets in advance, you don’t have to be physically present at the ticket counter. There is no need for you to come out of your comfort zone and stand in long queues. You can book tickets at any time from anywhere within a few clicks to access the museum.

As the Museum of Illusions opens at 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM, you can get early entry via online booking. Arriving during the early morning hours lets you enjoy a crowd-free experience. You can explore different exhibits of the mind-bending optical illusion museum at your own pace and indulge in educational games peacefully with early access tickets.

Exhibition At Museum of Illusion Athens

There are 15 stunning optical illusion exhibits for you to explore in the Museum of illusion Athens. Each exhibit is unique to offer a brain-bashing experience that twists and transforms your visuals. You learn the laws of gravity, perception, infinite mirror effect, and many other interesting scientific concepts in a fun way through the exhibits.

Plato’s Intense Gaze
Plato’s Intense Gaze

If you have Museum of illusion Athens Tickets, you can enter the exhibit of Plato’s Intense Gaze to witness colorful artwork. As the name suggests, the art of this exhibit is all about Ancient Greek artist Plato. Once you enter to explore, you notice the ‘eyes’ of each artwork of Plato keep staring at you!

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Infinity Well
Infinity Well

The infinity well exhibits of the Museum of Athens are all about the wonders of infinity optical illusion produced by a group of mirrors. But this is just beyond a mirror because it is a never-ending well. Once you stand on the glass-covered infinity well, it bends your thoughts as you wonder whether it lands you beneath the earth's surface or takes you to the heights of clouds.

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The Chair Illusion
The Chair Illusion

The chair illusion teaches you all about the laws of perception. You would be amazed to witness the practical application of such laws that tell you about the “apparent size of objects”- the virtue of which lets things come to view depending upon their surrounding objects and the distance between them. You can resize yourself and your loved ones by trying different positions on the enchanting chairs!

Ames Room
Ames Room

Ames room is another mind-bending exhibit where you can enjoy being a giant or feel cute being a dwarf! Take one step forward, you are huge, and take a step back, and you become a mini-person suddenly. The appearance of the room is quite simple with zig-zag pattern walls colored in blue and black, but masterly distorts your reflection.

Anti-gravity Room
Anti-gravity Room

You can defy the laws of gravity in the Anti-gravity exhibit of the Museum of illusion in Athens. The intelligent exhibit makes you doubt the fact whether you stand on a flat surface or a slanted slope. This exhibit makes you question Sir Issac Newton’s laws and makes you think whether you are going up or down as laws of physics no longer hold in front of the optical illusion!

Rotated Room
Rotated Room

If you have Museum of illusion Athens Tickets, you can access the Rotated room to turn your world upside down. You can take a sneak peek into Vincent Van Gogh’s surreal paintings in the artist’s bedroom. The enchanting brain-bashing room is set in the painting of Bedroom in Arles of 1889 to spin your world by 90 degrees.

Highlights For Museum of Illusion Athens

Highlights For Museum of Illusion Athens
  • Enter the Museum of illusion to learn science in a mind-bending fun way.
  • Explore 15 different exhibits to bash your brain.
  • Let Plato’s eyes follow you everywhere you go in Plato’s gaze.
  • Stand on the infinity well to look deeper into the infinite universes!
  • Become a giant and dwarf at the same time in Ames's room.
  • Click Instagram-worthy pictures of your resized version in the chair room.
  • Defy the laws of gravity in the Anti-gravity room.
  • Rotate yourself 90 degrees in the rotated room of Vincent Van Gogh.
  • Experience the infinite mirror effect in the infinity room.
  • Enter the infinity tunnel to understand the endlessness of the universe.
  • Enjoy the colorful vortex tunnel.
  • Explore the interesting exhibits of holograms, kaleidoscope, hollow face illusion, head on a platter, and swap noses.
  • Choose to get 30 dilemma games to take home the reflection of the Museum of illusion from the amazing gift shop.

Know Before You Book Museum of Illusion Athens Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach
Essential Information
  • Location: Ermou 119 Entrance from, Astiggos 12, Athina 105 55, Greece.

  • Timings: If you have Museum of Illusion Athens Tickets, you can enter during the opening hours from Monday to Friday 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM, and on Saturday-Sunday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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