Things To Do In Athens In March

Things To Do In Athens In March

Explore the Acropolis

March is an excellent time to visit the Acropolis, as the crowds are smaller, and the weather is mild. The ancient citadel, located on a hilltop in the heart of Athens, is home to the iconic Parthenon, as well as other ancient Greek ruins.

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Visit the National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum is one of the largest and most important museums in the world, featuring a vast collection of ancient Greek artifacts. Visitors can explore the museum's many exhibits, which include sculptures, pottery, jewelry, and more.

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Take a stroll through the National Gardens

The National Gardens are located in the heart of Athens and offer a peaceful retreat from the bustling city. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the gardens, which are home to a variety of plants, flowers, and trees, as well as several ponds and a small zoo.

Attend the Athens Open Air Film Festival

The Athens Open Air Film Festival takes place each March and features screenings of classic films in a variety of outdoor locations throughout the city. Visitors can enjoy watching movies under the stars, with the Acropolis as a stunning backdrop.

Discover the neighborhood of Plaka

Plaka is one of the oldest and most charming neighborhoods in Athens, known for its narrow streets, neoclassical buildings, and traditional tavernas. Visitors can explore the area's many shops, cafes, and restaurants, and admire the beautiful architecture.

Take a day trip to the Temple of Poseidon

The Temple of Poseidon is located on the coast, just outside of Athens, and offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Visitors can take a day trip to the temple and enjoy a scenic drive along the coast, as well as explore the ruins of the ancient temple.

FAQs For Things To Do In Athens In March

What is the weather like in Athens in March?

March is the beginning of spring in Athens, and the weather starts to warm up, although it can still be unpredictable with occasional rainy days. The average temperature in March is around 13°C (55°F), with highs reaching up to 16°C (61°F) and lows around 10°C (50°F). It's a good idea to bring layers and a waterproof jacket to prepare for any weather changes.

Are there any festivals or events in Athens in March?

Yes, there are several festivals and events in Athens in March. The Athens Half Marathon takes place in early March and is a popular event for runners from around the world. The Athens International Film Festival also takes place in March, showcasing a range of local and international films. Additionally, the Feast of Annunciation, a public holiday in Greece, takes place on March 25th and is celebrated with parades, music, and traditional food.

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Can I visit the Acropolis and other historical sites in Athens in March?

Yes, the Acropolis and other historical sites are open year-round, including in March. However, be aware that March is still considered the off-season, so there may be fewer crowds and shorter lines. It's a good idea to check the opening hours of the specific sites you want to visit, as they may vary depending on the season.

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What are some popular traditional dishes to try in Athens in March?

Some popular traditional dishes to try in Athens in March include moussaka (a layered dish made with eggplant, minced meat, and bechamel sauce), fava (a puree made from yellow split peas), and baklava (a sweet pastry made with layers of phyllo dough, nuts, and honey syrup). March is also a good time to try fresh seafood dishes, as the fishing season begins in Greece during this month.


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